Podcast Power Audit

Learn effective podcast growth strategies with a personalized power audit.


Giving your podcast a check-up, aka a podcast audit, is like giving it a shot of espresso. It's all about making sure your show is in tip-top shape. You want to dive into your episodes and see if they're hitting the right vibes with your listeners – are they hooked or thinking about hitting the skip button? Plus, it's like putting on your detective hat for the tech stuff. Are your audio levels playing nice, or is there some mysterious background hum stealing the spotlight? And let's not forget the numbers game – who's tuning in, where are they from, and when are they binging on your brilliance? A podcast audit is your secret weapon to tweak, tighten, and tailor your show for maximum awesomeness.


  • Overview of intros, outros, segways, and bumpers with suggestions
  • Review of episode show notes
  • Analysis of show discoverability: SEO optimization, marketing tactics, listener platform submissions
  • Review of defined success metrics
  • Review of the structure of your show and its engagement
  • Content creation roadmap for generating traffic to your show
  • Review of episode audio quality
  • Evaluation of website positioning
  • Review of your podcast’s presence on your website
  • Review of podcast title, description, & artwork
  • Optimization of audience engagement and strategy check for CTA and ROI

You will also receive

  • a PDF checklist with personalized action steps within 7 days
  • An optional follow-up Zoom call (30 minutes) discussing recommended changes and questions